Suriya Singh
PhD student
MILA / École Polytechnique de Montréal


I am a graduate student at École Polytechnique de Montréal and MILA, advised by Prof. Christopher Pal.

I was a Research Fellow at CVIT working with Guan Pang, Saikat Basu, Manohar Paluri, Lorenzo Torresani, and Prof. C. V. Jawahar on Overhead Imagery Understanding.

I also did research internship with Diane Larlus and Jakob Verbeek on Convolutional Neural Fabrics at Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE).

I completed M.S. in 2016 from CVIT, IIIT-H. I woked with Prof. C. V. Jawahar and Prof. Chetan Arora on first person action recognition.


Akilesh B, Suriya Singh, Anirudh Goyal, Alexander Neitz, and Aaron Courville
Towards Jumpy Planning.
ICML MBRL Workshop, 2019. (Spotlight)
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Anil Batra*, Suriya Singh*, Guan Pang, Saikat Basu, C. V. Jawahar, and Manohar Paluri
Improved Road Connectivity by Joint Learning of Orientation and Segmentation.
CVPR, 2019.
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Suriya Singh*, Anil Batra*, Guan Pang, Lorenzo Torresani, Saikat Basu, Manohar Paluri, and C. V. Jawahar
Self-supervised Feature Learning for Semantic Segmentation of Overhead Imagery.
BMVC, 2018.
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Anurag Ghosh, Suriya Singh, and C. V. Jawahar.
Towards Structured Analysis of Broadcast Badminton Videos.
WACV, 2018.
[Paper]    [Project page (Dataset)]    [Video]    [Sports Analytics in Premier Badminton League:   IIIT Blog   The Hindu]

Bharat Bhatnagar, Suriya Singh, Chetan Arora, and C. V. Jawahar.
Unsupervised Learning of Deep Feature Representation for Clustering Egocentric Actions.
IJCAI, 2017.
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Suriya Singh, Chetan Arora, and C. V. Jawahar.
Trajectory Aligned Features For First Person Action Recognition.
Pattern Recognition (PR), 2017.
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Suriya Singh, Chetan Arora, and C. V. Jawahar.
First Person Action Recognition Using Deep Learned Descriptors.
CVPR, 2016.
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Suriya Singh, Chetan Arora, and C. V. Jawahar.
Generic Action Recognition from Egocentric Videos.
NCVPRIPG, 2015. (Oral)
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Suriya Singh, Shushman Choudhury, Kumar Vishal, and C. V. Jawahar.
Currency Recognition on Mobile Phones.
ICPR, 2014.
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Mohak Sukhwani, Suriya Singh, Anirudh Goyal, Aseem Behl, Pritish Mohapatra, Brijendra Kumar Bharti, and C. V. Jawahar.
Monocular Vision based Road Marking Recognition for Driver Assistance and Safety.
ICVES, 2014. (Oral)
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MS Thesis : First Person Action Recognition [ PDF] [Slides]

DimensionApp: android app to estimate object dimension [ Report] [Code] [Video]

Neural Fabrics PyTorch Wrapper [Code]